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Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence

SQL Server:

  1. System databases
  2. DML (Insert, Update, Delete) and DDL Statements (Create, Alter, Truncate, DROP)
  3. Constraints
  4. Clauses
  5. Sub Queries
  6. UDF and USProcs
  7. Set Operators
  8. String functions, Aggregate functions, Date functions( Cast and Convert).
  9. Indexes, Views, Synonyms
  10. Ranking functions
  11. Copy data from one table to other.
  • DWH Concepts:

    1. Dimensions – Dimension types
    2. Facts—Types of facts
    3. Measures
    4. Slowly Changing Dimensions
    5. Schemas (Star Schema, Snowflex Schema)
    1. DWH Vs. DM
    2. Normalization


Control Flow items

Data flow items



  1. Execute SQL Task
  2. Data flow task
  3. Bulk insert task
  4. Execute package task
  5. Execute process task
  6. Send Mail task
  7. Bulk insert task
  8. File System Task


  1. Derived Column
  2. Data Conversion
  3. Lookup
  4. Conditional Split
  5. Multi Cast
  6. Merge
  7. Merge Join
  8. SCD
  9. Fuzzy Lookup
  10. Row Count
  11. Variables


  1. For each loop
  2. For loop
  3. Sequence

Break points

Check points

Package configurations with Project parameters, logging’s           

Performance improvement techniques

Deployment to int, UAT,PROD servers


QL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Architecture

  • Report types and formats
  • SSRS Web Services
  • Report Server
  • Report Builder
  • Model Designer
  • Data sources: SQL Server, Oracle, OLE DB

Authoring Reports

Creating basic reports

  • Tabular
  • List
  • Matrix
  • Chart
  • Constructing data sources and Data sets
  • Inserting a data region, fields and images

Leveraging expressions

  • Calculating fields
  • Integrating expressions in properties
  • Applying conditional formatting
  • Adding images

Grouping and sorting data

  • Grouping to multiple levels
  • Sorting the results
  • Employing aggregate functions

Implementing Parameters and Filters

Building parameters into reports

  • Returning subsets of data with query parameters
  • Mapping report parameters to query parameters
  • Building cascading report parameters
  • Passing parameters to stored procedures
  • Exploiting multi-valve parameters

Restricting report data with filters

  • Enhancing performance with filters
  • Filters vs. query parameters
  • Localizing tables and queries

Leveraging Advanced Reporting Features

Combining data regions in one report

  • Utilizing sequential and nested regions
  • Producing master/detail reports
  • Linking sub reports

Presenting data with appropriate detail

  • Revealing report detail with drill down
  • Displaying related data with drill through
  • Navigating with document maps


  • Steps to create cubes (DS,DSV, Dimensions, Measures, Calculated Columns, Named Queries)
  • Deployment and Processing the cubes
  • Processing Types
  • Cube Storage Modes( MOLAP, ROLAP,HOLAP)
  •  MDX Queries

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